What Inspires

Before I moved to Portland, I was constantly dreaming of traveling the world but it was always something just out of my reach. I would do extensive research to learn about these remote places with adventures that would require a few days or even weeks to meet. I thought I might never get the chance to visit, but every piece of information and every picture I found made me crave it even more. 

I can't remember where I first found his photography; I want to say it was on Instagram. But what I remember most about finding his work was that every photo he posted was more epic than the last and the real wow-factor for me was that each one was taken somewhere new. There was a profound commitment to each adventure in his photos that was so apparent and it lit a fire in me. 

There were a hundred reasons why I moved to Portland, but the one that drew me the most was the opportunity to start this sort of lifestyle. For me the PNW was a gateway drug into the life of constant adventure. Within just a 3 hour radius, you have access to years worth of new outdoor thrills but there comes a point where it isn't quite enough. I've exhausted so many resources looking for new trails and new places to go, it's time to break out of my PNW shell.

But now that I've lived here for two years, there is no going back. I can't survive in the crowds, I can't breathe. I thought Portland was just a means to the PNW but Portland has grown to become my base in which all of the bases can be long to me. A means to the world, if you will.

By May I will have visited 5 countries this year. Let's see if I can make it to 12 by December. Here's to taking what you love to the extreme and always feeding the fire that drives you.

"Anything that is worth pursuing is going to require us to suffer, just a little bit,"

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