Don't let your dreams be dreams

Somewhere, Something Incredible is Waiting to be Known -Carl Sagan

Good news, everyone! I've been featured in a really cool new vlog series by MarkHawkCam

Mark Hawk does some amazing work with action cameras, specifically GoPros and drones. If you have ever considered buying a GoPro, take a minute to check out his site first. Already bought your GoPro? Wish you had purchased a different model after watching his videos? Simple. Go back in time, stop yourself from ever buying it, then leave yourself a note to go to so that you can buy a better camera, change history, and become a paradox.

He recently started a cool new series called MHC Inspirations where he breaks down what inspires him to get outside and create. And I was lucky enough to be in episode one! It will run every first Friday of the month so set your reminders and get comfy because MHC Inspirations is going to blow your mind.

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